June 2016 – Nature

The conjoinment of water, Armstrong creek and the springs that adjoin it…these places are magical.  They are places of posterity, creativity and understanding.  Places where ancient peoples historically created shelter, both temporary and permanent.  No amount of commercial improvement, modern mechanization, or popular excitement can improve or change these places.

When I look at nature, I see God in her infinite power & wisdom.  Not a God that is above nature and controls it’s every movement, but instead a God that IS nature and one that has much to teach us.  We cannot understand what God has to tell us without being in nature.  Being more and more a more a part of it.  The further we travel from that wisdom, the more confused we become.  Fear will fight us, laziness will fight us, complacency and stupidity will fight us.  It’s too bad that we must fight to be whom we are, but we must. Wildness, quiet… these are necessities for some.